Essential reading

We are being frequently asked for a reading package. So, this post lists some of our favourites we recommend people to read. If you think something interesting is missing from this list, please add yours to the comment!

For sources in Finnish language, please visit here.

Blockchain and Value Systems in the Sharing Economy: The Illustrative Case of Backfeed by Pazaitis, De Filippi, Kostakis.

This paper is very close to our thinking in Valuecraft. Thus, if you are only going to read one paper, this is it!

Validating and improving the Impact of Complementary Currency Systems through impact assessment frameworks by Place & Bindewald 

Inspiration for our impact management approach.

The English City With Its Own Cryptocurrency: Q&A With the Founders of HullCoin

There are lots of intresting community currencies around but Hull made it to this super short list as a good of a case that build on the earlier local currencies in Brits. A good example of how a local currency can support wellbeing in cities.

On what alternative currencies are and how to go about designing them by Carroll & Bellotti.

Local Currencies—what works; what doesn’t? by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.

Wisdom from various experiments. According to Greco, the most important design elements are the basis upon which the currency is issued and the way in which it is placed into circulation.


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